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Registration Day

Hello hello.

Today was fun, I woke up at 5:30 am -- not quite sure how that happened. But, it gave me some time to plan and prepare for registration and the rest of the day. I spent the time hanging out with my very cool Korean roommate Hyungjin Oh, who happens to have great taste in music (Weezer, The Killers, Muse, Kate Nash, etc, etc). He introduced me to a hysterical BBC show called "The IT Crowd". I would highly recommend it.

A few hours later, my classmate Audrey arrived to get ready for registration and to use our internet for a bit to video-chat with her family. I need to get a webcam soon... You wouldn't imagine what webcams look like here. I'll get some pictures... They are quite a bit more creative here than Americans are, as far as businesses. Maybe I shouldn't say they are more creative, but they certainly think differently when it comes to store/product ascetics. Its giving me some good ideas to keep in mind for whenever I start my own business.

Badminton is extremely entertaining to play indoors.

Anyway, the campus. The campus has a whole bunch of good food at dirt cheap prices. I ate a Korean meal with my roommate and another Korean guy named Hayong, its cost roughly $4 USD for enough food for the three of us and still have left overs. What was cool about the meal was that it was served in the pan and place on a stove-eye which is built into the center of the table. And of course, tea was served instead of water (amazing).

I even have to mention the photo development store they have on campus. Walgreens should be embaraased after the quality of the service I received while having some passport photos made here. At Walgreens, it costs $8 for 2 poor quality, untouched photos. Here, it cost me 20 yuan, which is less than $3USD and the photographer was an effing magician on photoshop. I have never seen anyone work so fast on it. After she was finished touching up my photos I looked like a super model.

Something I should mention... You are not supposed to tip anybody at all, ever. They quality of the service here is excellent. Every building interior is spotless. The tiles reflect you face back at you and the windows never have smudges. The cleaning ladies at my school never stop working. They are machines. Furthermore, they go out of their way to clean those corners and spots that any employee in America would skip right over because he/she knows that the boss won't notice. Chinese workers have an incredible amount of integrity... except when it comes to charging foreigners 3 or 4 times the normal amount...

Back to registration. I owe 7500 yuan tomorrow. I really think its pleasant that I get to pay all of my tuition out-of-pocket here before I actually receive my scholarships. I'm not sure what winner thought up that system, but they are probably fired by now. So that's good.

I used the Chinese buses today... That was an adventure. Intimacy with strangers like you wouldn't imagine.

Well, I am sorry to cut this short, but I am famished and sore from walking around all day.

Oh! I worked out! People think I look funny when I work out. But its okay, they do too. I'll have to take some pictures of chinese workout/workout machines. They don't yet understand the concept of resistance training. One of their machines is literally a steering wheel.

well, I am off to sleep,

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More Photos

I am too exhausted to post an entry at the moment. I have class registration tomorrow so I need to mentally prepare myself for the chaos I've heard about.

Highlights of today:

-Rode the Subway
-Explored the amazing mall
-Steak Factory
-Met an American, Argentinian, and a Mongolian
-Might be able to get a tutoring job!

A few more pictures are in the gallery, nothing too spectacular, but they are neat I think


I'm just testing this image to see if I can post em up here.. and yes, thanks Amber!

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Beijing, day 1

Don't take taxis if you aren't Chinese

Well, I haven't slept very much in the past 48 hours, but I'm in China!

I got some pictures from the airplane of Russia and the endless tundra above it that I'll post sometime tonight.

Here is a quick summary (I'll add more when I add pics):

-Airplane -- 17 hours or so of that
-Got off the plane in beijing, got a taxi with Audrey and the guy charged us this outrageous price. But, it was either pay it or stay at the airport all night. So, that stunk, but whatever.
-Got to BISU, attempted to get registered through to non-english speaking ladies... Didn't work out well. Luckily a Russian girl named Tanya walked by right when we needed some translating and really helped out.

Today has been an expensive day and I'm not too happy about it. But, what can you do.

Taxi - 200 yuan
Dorming - 670 yuan (500 for the safety deposit)
Food/groceries - 17 yuan

Food is soooo cheap, I got a massive bowl of chicken, veges, and rice for like $1.25USD

I'm kind of nervous about having the 1800 USD they require for class registration because of today. I think I have enough in my bank account at least. Sooner or later the damn scholarships will go through.

I ate my first real Chinese food today (with my 3 new korean friends whose names I can't pronounce) -- its actually just like what the cooks at China Pavilion would make themselves, so I was ready.

More later

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I figured this would be a good time to kick off my journal. Hopefully I'll keep it updated pretty consistently.

I stuck some photos on the gallery, but I don't really know how to stick them up here yet.

I leave at 6 AM tomorrow morning (Monday).

What do I need to bring to China?

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