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Thanks to Jimmy for the photo


Just one here for you. I was at the Temple of Heaven when he took this one... Of me taking one.

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Tianjin, China and some dorm room pictures.

Saturday was a day trip to Tianjin, China for all exchange students. I had an incredible time with great friends and got some pretty cool pictures as well.

I think I'm just going to list some of the best ones here -- You can find many more in the photo gallery.

My group from BISU happened upon a wedding when we were about to leave, the amount of firecrackers that went off was ludicrous. I think there were multiple spots around the city that were also setting off fireworks, as a sort of countdown for the arrival of the bride and groom. This was no cheap wedding. The hummer limo in the black and white picture above was the vehicle of choice for this particular wedding.

This gentleman here was taking advantage of an entire group of 'rich' foreigners and asking for money. But, this area was for a wedding, so that is the finger of a man telling him to get goin'. Beggars are a real problem sometimes, they don't leave you alone because you're a foreigner, and they'll start tugging at your clothes and harassing you until you either get away or be a bit mean.

This was my favorite part of Tianjin. We were promised a lunch by the school if we went. Well, the lunch turned out to be a little cold, crunchy, and not-so-tasty snack. So, a group of us rebelled and went to the most expensive place possible (unintentional). But, it was worth it, the 7 of us got a private room with couches on the third floor. The meal is what we call hot pot. Which is basically a bunch of raw foods and some boiling water in the middle. More pics of this can be seen in the gallery.

Hyungjin Oh is my old roommate and Audrey, of course, is my travel partner from UNF.

This is all of us, excluding me -- Behind the group is where the fireworks took place.

Again, check the gallery for more pictures.

Last but not least -- Some dorm room pictures:


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Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I switched dorm rooms into a single, so I've got the whole place to myself. It cost a bit extra, but it's definitely worth it!

Well, I'm 3 weeks in and my experience in China has become less about touring and more about school and friends. So, I haven't had much to take photos of. However, I am going to Tianjin tomorrow as a school trip -- Where ever it may be. So, I'll definitely have some new pictures to upload.

Anyway, here are some pictures of campus:


Above is the entrance to my school building, my class in on the 3rd floor.


The entrance of the first picture is down and to the left of this picture, the doors you see are actually the front of the building, which lead out to the North Gate of school.


This is the next flight up from the photo above this one.


This is the hallway on the 3rd floor, my class is on the left side of this hallway.


This is my classroom, Rm. 320. I sit in the front row, facing forward, on the right side. My friend, Jimmy, sits to my left in the aisle seat, and Audrey sits on the far right of us in the row facing the window.


If you were to turn 180 degrees around from facing the gazebo, you'd be facing the first picture up at the top. The little street I'm on is between tennis courts.


My attempt at black and white photos ^


This rock wall is a symbol of my shattered dreams at BISU. Not really, but I really wish the rock wall was still up and running. As you can see by the shredded cloth and weeds growing on the fence, it is not. Sigh.







I don't quite understand the point of some of those machines...


One of my favorite places... Where I eat big bowls of food for virtually nothing!


These are three restaurants above the cafeteria (by the way, there are 3 cafeterias, and 5 restaurants on campus). The door on the left is Chinese, the middle is Korean, and the right side is a Muslim restaurant. All three are delicious, I ate at the Chinese place today with Audrey.


All the blossom trees bloomed a few days ago, I suppose those are some of the first signs of Spring! I can't wait, because this cold and I don't get along well.





Here are a few of my friends that I ran into when I was wandering around. From left to right is Rhita (Morocco), Hamza (Morocco), Feras (Jordan), a new friend who's name I won't even attempt to spell, from Kazakhstan, and on the right is Alim, a friend of Feras, I'm not quite sure where he is from.

Okie dokie, I'm going to try and get a bunch of pictures of all my new friends soon. They are from all over the world, from Peru, Egypt, Morocco, Greece, Germany, Korea, France ... Well, all over the place anyway.

Other than that, for the past week, I haven't been doing much, just going to school and eating, really. Hm, I bought a membership to the gym around Monday and have only managed to work out once... Sad. Well, I'm off for now... Maybe I'll make it to the gym.


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I might be making a pit stop to Morocco on the way back from China, hahaha

I've found some good Moroccan friends and one of the, Rita, says she can get me a visa very easily. I am very excited about that!

Until next time

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Sorry, still no school/dorm pics


2nd day into school -- class is a breeze so far... Pre-K Chinese so far. All of my teachers were saying they'd be speaking Chinese only... But, they figured out quickly that that wasn't happening. I have a lot of nice classmates, including my buddy Jimmy. So far, there haven't been any real hiccups in school. Except for Tanya, the Uzbekistani Russian girl. Rudest person I've ever seen. Had no respect for the teachers or anyone else, she yells-- literally yells, the entire class whenever she wants to and kept asking why the teacher didn't know Russian to speak to her. Some French guys became extremely upset and yelled at her, so that was satisfying. Well, the good news is she wasn't in class today, she may have been kicked out.

Other than that, I've met oodles of new people and it looks like I'm going out tonight to a bar and a soccer game (I'm calling it football from here on out, just so you know).

Still waiting on my scholarships...


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